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Narratives Of The Place Concludes At Al Majaz Amphitheatre; Pays Tribute To Sharjah’s Extraordinary Milestones

Theatrical production celebrated 50th anniversary of accession of HH the Ruler of Sharjah

30 January 2022
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‘Narratives Of The Place’ Recreates Khorfakkan’s Valiant Resistance Against The Invaders

In September 1507, when the coastal town of Khorfakkan was invaded, its people rose in unison to bravely resist and ...

29 January 2022
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‘Narratives Of The Place’: Champions Who Charted Sharjah’s Epic Journey Of Growth In ‘50’ Picture Mosaic

Mosaic, shaped in the number ‘50’, is composed of pictures of individuals who witnessed Sharjah’s cultural renaissance

28 January 2022
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'Narratives Of The Place': Pearling Scene Leads Audiences On A Fascinating Journey Into The Depths Of The Sea

From the pristine beaches of Sharjah, the emirate’s forefathers sail into the unknown on wooden boats in search of ...

27 January 2022
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'Narratives Of The Place': Captivating Scenes Showcase Legacy Of Sharjah’s Cultural Achievements

Immersive theatrical show vividly portrays Sharjah’s impressive strides in culture and arts over the past 50 years

26 January 2022
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Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Witnesses Premiere Of 'Narratives Of The Place' At Al Majaz Amphitheatre

Immersive theatrical show celebrates 50th anniversary of accession of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah

25 January 2022
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Spectacular Narratives Of The Place Show Celebrating Sharjah’s Epic Journey Debuts Tuesday At Al Majaz Amphitheatre

Immersive theatrical show featuring more than 100 globally renowned performers and crew members to be staged on January ...

24 January 2022
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Leading International Artists Add Finishing Touches To Rehearsals Of The Grand Spectacle Of Sard Al Makan - Narratives ...

Over 100 national and international artists and production crew are gearing up to narrate Sharjah’s history and trace ...

21 January 2022
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Sultan Bin Ahmed Checks Preparations For A Theatrical Show

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, ...

19 January 2022
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NARRATIVES OF THE PLACE: poetry, theatre and music blend in immersive, experiential show at al majaz amphitheatre

Presented by Sharjah Government Media Bureau, show celebrating Sharjah's rich history will be hosted at Al Majaz ...

10 January 2022
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