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Jordan’s Aziz Maraka and Adham Nabulsi enthrall UAE fans at #letsmajaz

Jordanian pop singers Aziz Maraka and Adham Nabulsi brought their musical flair to the popular Al Majaz Amphitheatre on Friday night, offering hundreds of fans an exceptional concert boasting an incredible variety of Arabic rock-jazz.

31 January
2020, Friday

Performing for the first time in Sharjah, Arabic jazz musician Aziz Maraka was welcomed on the #letsmajaz stage with a roaring applause. The singer-songwriter responded to the crowd’s enthusiasm by opening his act with his latest hit, Meen Gallek.  

The young performer’s charisma and stage presence were established quickly as he went on a ‘hits-spree’, singing the most-loved songs from his repertoire – Tzakkartek, Gareeba Min Al Galb Bint Gawiyeh and Ibky. Then came Semetek, which brought Maraka’s listeners to their feet.

Maraka’s own musical genre, ‘Razz’, which is an Arabic rock–jazz fusion, regaled the crowds, as they lapped up the singer’s unique musical improvisations, which fuse traditional Arabic melodies with soothing Jazz.

Maraka went on to perform is rendition of Gani, by famous Egyptian singer Hakim, followed by his latest number Mawali, whichthe singer was performing live for the first time. It was received well by the crowds cheering and singing along with him. Responding to repeated crowd requests, Maraka sang his other famous numbers Heyye and Ya Bay before wrapping his performance with the first song that rose him to fame in the Arabic pop scene, Ya Bent El Nas.

Adham Nabulsi pays special tribute to the UAE

Maraka set the stage for 26-year-old Adham Nabulsi, who performed his breakthrough hit, Howeh El Hob, to mark his Sharjah debut. The young artist had his fans hooked with a slew of hits from his repertoire; including songs Meshtaa, Naskha Mennik, La Ba3d Khle’na and El Nehaye El Sa3ide, which have received millions of views on YouTube.

The evening’s vibrant vibes intensified as Nabulsi continued delivering hit after hit, Moharram Ala Elnesyan and Hob Saytara.

As a special tribute to the UAE and Sharjah, Nabulsi performed Emirati superstar Hussain Al Jassmi’s hit songs Kul Ma Nawet Ansa and Keef Bhebak Hayk, eliciting thunderous applause from his audience.

The singer’s vocal abilities were in full display with Haddik Al Kawn, followed by a surprise performance of Ya Asal, originally by Tunisian singer Saber Al Rebae, which brought the concert crowd to a fever pitch.


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